Franklin Ace 1200
Introduced:January 1983
Price:$2495 (with 1 floppy drive)
CPU:MOS 6502, 1.0 MHz
Display:280 X 192, 40/80 X 24 text
Ports:composite video output
Expansion:8 internal expansion slots
Storagebuilt-in 143K floppy drive(s)
DOS and CP/M on diskette

The Franklin ACE 1200 is identical to the ACE 1000 (from 1982), except that the ACE 1200 has two built-in floppy drives.

The ACE 1100 (not pictured) has only one floppy drive.

In addition to the built-in floppy drives, the ACE 1200 includes as standard equipment these expansion cards:
  • 80 column text card.
  • Dual Interface Card with serial and parallel ports.
  • video card with color capability (the ACE 1000 is monochrome).
  • processor card with a Zilog Z-80 CPU and with 64K to run CP/M (supplied on diskette).

  • Being Apple II-compatible, the ACE 1200 can handle any programs that run on the Apple II.

    13 Good reasons to buy the ACE 1200:

    1. Apple II-compatible
    2. CP/M-compatible
    3. 128K of RAM
    4. Built-in floppy disk drive
    5. Disk controller
    6. 80 column card
    7. Serial interface
    8. Parallel interface
    9. Upper and lower case
    10. VisiCalc keys
    11. Cursor control pad
    12. Numeric pad
    13. Auto repeat keys

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