Apple iPhone
Model:Original iPhone
Released: June 2007
Price:US $599 w/ AT&T contract
CPU:ARM1176 @ 620 MHz
Storage:4-16 GB internal flash
Display:320x480 LCD, 256K colors
Interface:capacitive touchscreen
OS:Apple iOS

The Apple iPhone is not a typical home or business computer, but it is also more than just a cellphone with a touch-sensitive screen for the user interface.

Described as an internet and multimedia-enabled smartphone, this includes a built-in camera, text messaging, media player, internet client, with e-mail, web browsing, and wifi connectivity.

Never before has such a device existed, and been so useful and popular as the iPhone line of cellphones.

Apple-approved third-party applications such as games, GPS navigation, social networking, and more, can be instantly downloaded to the iPhone over wifi or the cell network. There is almost no limit to the possibilities.

Subsequent iPhone versions released were the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and the iPhone 4. All are about the same size, but later versions have better cameras, longer battery life, and more powerful processors.

Apple first attemped a handheld communications device with a touch-screen almost fifteen years earlier, the Apple Newton, from 1993. It was evolutionary, but not revolutionary. The handwriting-recognition software was inaccurate, and the device was too big and heavy to be considered pocket-size.

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