Cromemco System Three
Price:US $5,990
CPU:Z-80A @ 4MHz
RAM:64K - 512K
Display:Text on RS-232 terminal
Ports:1 parallel for printer
Storage:dual 1.2MB 8-inch floppy drive
OS:Cromemco CDOS or CROMIX

The Cromemco (named for CROthers MEMorial Hall - the Stanford residence where the founders lived) System Three is a microcomputer with the features you want and need to do professional work in almost any field; engineering, science, business/accounting, word processing, data-based management, education, medicine, and others.

The System Three is available in a multi-user system that lets you do the tasks usually associated with much more expensive time-share computers. You can have up to six terminals, a fast printer, a large RAM memory, and more.

The System Three consists of a fast, powerful, Z80-based microcomputer with capability for enormous RAM memory expansion and with provision for up to four floppy disk drives.

Not designed as a desktop system, the System Three is a large and heavy chassis intended to be rack-mounted or built into an office desk.
The computer has a large 21-slot motherboard to accept a large variety of memory and I/O to suit virtually any application.

In the microcomputer field, the Cromemco System Three stands alone in the range of features and capabilities it offers.

Available Operating Systems include Cromemco CDOS, similar to CP/M, and CROMIX, which is similar to UNIX.

The Standard System Three utilizes the industry standard S-100 card bus, and is supplied with 64K RAM (expandable to 512K), a dual Persci 270 floppy drive with 2.4MB capacity, and a parallel port for a high-speed printer.

The owner of the above system has installed a third-party 5-1/4 inch floppy drive in the empty space.
1982 Price Guide:
CS-3AZ-8064K1.2MB floppy$6,995
CS-3AD5EZ-80 /
512K1.2MB floppy$9,995
CS-3HD5EZ-80 /
512K1.2MB floppy
5MB hard drive

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