Multitech Micro-Professor
Model:MPF-1 Plus
Price:US$ ??.??
CPU:Zilog Z-80 @ 1.79 MHz
Memory:4K RAM
Interface:QWERTY keyboard
Display:20-character VFD
Ports:cassette tape
 external interface
Storage:cassette tape
OS:resident assembler

The Micro-Professor MPF-1P is a low cost, versatile microcomputer system featuring sophisticated system featuring sophisticated software and hardware capabilities.

It is not only ideal for those who intend to familiarize themselves with micro-processing and advanced microcomputer hardware and software, but also can be used for many dedicated purposes and OEM applications such as industrial control and instrumentation.

The resident "monitor" program is basically responsible for running the system, loading and saving data, and executing programs. It controls access to the resident assembler, BASIC, disassembler, editor, printer and software control.

The Micro-Professor requires a single 5vdc/450mA power supply (9vdc external), with a 4xAA battery holder to prevent menory loss during power loss.

The MPF-1P has a blue/green vacuum flourescent display, capable of displaying 20 characters at once.

The cassette interface is capable of reading and saving data at up to 165 bits/second.

The on-board 2.25-inch speaker, under program control, allows sounds and alerts for the user.

Multitech was the original creator of the Micro-Professor line of systems, but they were eventually renamed as Acer computer systems in 1987, and continued to sell Micro-Professors past 1988.

Other options available include:
PRT-MPF-1Pthermal printer
SSB-MPF-1Pspeech synthesizer
SGB-MPF-1Psound generation board
EPB-MPF-1PEPROM programming board
IOM-MPF-1Pinput/output and memory board
EPB-MPF-1BPEPROM programming board

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