Tano Dragon
Announced:August 1984
CPU:Motorola MC6809E @ 0.89 MHz
Display:16x32 text, TV or monitor
Ports:Serial, printer, system bus
Storage:Cassette drive
Microsoft Extended Colour BASIC

The Tano Dragon is the US version of the Dragon 64, originally available from Dragon Data Ltd., of Wales - the country (or principality) located to the West of England.
There is also an earlier Dragon 32, which had only half the memory of the Dragon 64, and lacked a serial port.

In fact, the Tano Dragon is fully Dragon 32 compatible, and normally boots into "32K mode".
The user has to type "EXEC" or "EXEC 48000" to enter into "64K mode", which increases the amount of memory available to the user.

Designed as a TRS-80 Color Computer (CoCo) clone, the Tano Dragon is stated as being about 98% compatible with the TRS-80 CoCo computer

Originally, the only method to save and load data was with a generic external cassette drive. A floppy drive was eventually released, but a competing third-party floppy drive split the market.

Just like the CoCo, the built-in cartridge port allows instant program loading and access.

According to Tano's vice president of microcomputer products, the Dragon would succeed because the company will bundle $150 worth of software, and they will offer training to the stores carrying the computer.

The typical system shipped with the following application on cassette:
  • C.C. Writer
  • C.C. Mailer
  • C.C. Merger
  • C.C. Calc
  • C.C. File

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