Toshiba T100
Model:PA7010U / T100
Introduced:January 1982
Price:US $795 - $1995
CPU:Zilog Z80A @ 4 MHz
RAM:64K internal
Ports:cassette, monitor, LCD
ext. bus, printer, RS-232
Display:80 x 25 text
640 x 200 graphics, 8 colors
Storage:cassette, floppy
OS:(Microsoft) T-BASIC built-in
CP/M, CBasic on diskette

Toshiba America's first personal computer, the T100 was first previewed at the January 1982 Winter Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Toshiba released a similar system in Japan a year earlier, known there as the "Pasopia".

The T100 is a small, no-nonsense business computer that boasts an element of portability for the executive on the move. In addition, its exceptionally high-resolution color display coupled with an excellent version of Basic make it quite suitable for many CAD, graphics, and entertainment applications as well.
The complete system is comprised of the T100 computer/keyboard, dual disk drive unit, and monochrome monitor for $1995.

The system components were also available seperately:
  • T100 computer/keyboard - $795
  • Dual disk drive unit - $945
  • Monochrome monitor - $255
  • RGB color monitor - $895
  • LCD display - $295

  • The optional 40-character by 8-line LCD display and battery-backed 16K and 32K RAM cartidges makes the T100 a semi-portable system (110VAC power is still required).

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