Vector Graphic
Model:Vector 1
Price:US $849 ($619 kit)
CPU:Intel 8080A @ 2MHz
RAM:1K or more
Interface:video terminal
Expansion:S-100 bus card-cage
18 card slots
Storage:cassette or floppy drive

Wow, there aren't very many GREEN computers out there! Also available in orange.

Carole Ely and Lore Harp with their pride and joy, the Vector 1.
In 1976, Vector Graphic designed and sold static RAM and other expansion cards for S-100 computers. The company was run by two women - Lore Harp (founder and chairman) and Carole Ely. Bob Harp, Lore's husband, was the design engineer.

Eventually they released an entire computer based on their technology - the Vector 1.

The Vector 1 was unique for the time because it has a custom PROM/RAM board installed. Upon boot-up, the user is greeted with these option:
  • A - ASCII memory dump
  • D - HEX memory dump
  • G - Go to and execute program
  • L - Load program from Tarbell tape cassette interface and execute
  • P - Program memory from terminal
  • R - Record Tarbell tape
  • T - Test any block of memory, using a pseudorandom number sequence
  • V - Verify cassette tape

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