Z80 Starter Kit
Price:US $530 / $400 kit
CPU:Zilog Z80 @ 2MHz
RAM:1,024 - 2,048 bytes
Display:6-digit LED display
Ports:Two 8-bit parallel
Storage:External cassette player
OS:Debug "Monitor" (ZBUG)

In the late 70's, the Z80 was the most powerful 8-bit processor available on the market, with its instruction set of 158 instruction types and clear, easy to learn mnemonics, making it an ideal processor on which to learn assembly language programming.

In 1979, S.D. Systems and Micro Design Concepts released the Z80 Starter Kit as an SBC - single board computer.

Able to run either 8080 or Z80 software, it was designed as the best value on the market for the hobbiest / experimenter / student who wants to learn about and work with microcomputers.

The built-in ZBUG Monitor program is a 2,048 byte program written for the Z80 which allows the user to enter and debug machine-level Z80 programs.

Input is accomplished via a hexadecimal keyboard plus 12 command keys.
Output is the 6-digit 7-segment LED display.

The expansion capabilities are vast, with on-board wire wrap area and two optional S-100 bus connectors, although only 45 out of 100 signals are present.

The on-board S-100 interface allows the use of a large selection of expansion cards from several manufacturers for various I/O and industrial use.

Two 8-bit parallel interfaces are standard. An audio cassette interface is included, compatible with the Kansas-City-Standard coding and the Intel hexadecimal format.

Installed is 1,024 bytes of RAM (2102 type static RAM chips), with room for an additional 1,024 bytes.

The Z80 Started Kit runs on +5vdc @ 1 Amp, but +25vdc @ 30mA is required for EPROM programing - the on-board EPROM programmer works with type 2716 and 2758 EPROMS.

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