Zorba Portable Computer
Released:November 1982
Price:US $1,595
Weight:22 pounds
CPU:Zilog Z-80 @ 4MHz
Display:7-inch green/amber CRT, 80x24 text
Ports:2 serial, parallel, IEEE-488
Storage:two internal floppy drives
OS:CP/M 2.2

The Zorba was a portable microcomputer designed to compete with the likes of the popular 1981 Osborne 1 and 1982 Kaypro II portable computer systems.

Announced in November of 1982, the Zorba was originally manufactured and sold by Telcon. It was later sold and distributed by ModComp, and eventually sold-off to surplus company Gemini, who sold them for $799 per system.

Two versions of the Zorba were created - the original with the 7-inch CRT on the left, and a later version with a larger 9-inch CRT on the right.

Extremely versatile, the Zorba could read and write Osborne 1, Kaypro II, Xerox 820, Cromemco 520, DEC VT 180, IBM PC, Compaq, and TeleVideo 802 disk formats.

As one of the last CP/M computers on the market, the Zorba was mostly too late to the party, as CP/M was going out of style in favor of MS-DOS and the new Compaq Portable computer, which runs MS-DOS of course.

There is a review of the Zorba portable computer in the June 6, 1983 issue of InfoWorld magazine.

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